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Scientific-technical and production journal «Derevoobrabativaushaya promishlennost’» (Woodworking industry) was founded in the early 50-ies of the last century. The first edition of the journal «Derevoobrabativaushaya promishlennost’» was published in 1952.

Обращение к читателям, 1952 год

The following important industry-wide problems are discussed in the journal:

 • Development prospects of the industry;

• Development and implementation of new technologies and equipment, automated control systems and CAD systems;

• Identification and use of production reserves, savings in raw material, tool and energy resources;

• Improvement of the product quality;

• Improvement of the system of product standardization and metrological support of production;

• Improvement of production and efficiency of wood utilization;

• Widening of the use of low-grade timber and wood waste;

• Training of technical and skilled workers for industry;

• Improvement of the efficiency of scientific research and accelerate their implementation;

• Improvement of labor protection, environment.

Specific publications are devoted to the individual sub-sectors of the wood industry: sawmilling, wooden construction, matchmaking, wood boards, plywood, parquet, furniture and pulp and paper industry. Special attention is paid to the design of new furniture, expansion of the range of manufactured products, improvement of their quality and comfort.

The publication is aimed at the research audience, the heads of the woodworking enterprises, technologists and specialists working in this field.

The magazine is published four times a year, circulation – 1500 copies. It is distributed in higher and professional educational institutions, training in "Technology of logging and wood-processing productions" and is stored at the Central library, including the Russian State library.

The journal is published through the publishing house "Maddok" (420012, Kazan, Mushtari st., 11).

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The limited liability company «EDITORIAL BOARD «DEREVOOBRABATIVAUSHAYA PROMISHLENNOST’» 117303, Moscow, 1 Malaya Yushunskaya str., build 1.

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